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Wiring Accessories
Hotel Products
Energy Saving Lamps
T&J energy saving lamps are available in both screw type and two-pin (bayonet) bases and in three standard colour temperatures in the most common sizes and wattages; both 220V and 110V.
T&J lighting products are all fitted with quality ballasts that are made in-house. The ballasts offer energy saving features and reliability
Lovered Fixtures
T&J offers a full range of fixtures for residential or commercial applications
Down lights
Can be fitted with various types of energy saving or incandescent lamps, for almost any residential or commercial application
Fluorescent Fixture
Made from high quality aluminium, the surface is sprayed with plastic to prevent corrosion, for use in residential or commercial applications.
Kitchen Bath Lamps
The compact T&J designs make your rooms look more spacious, the built-in clips make installation safer and no installation screws are exposed
Spot Light
Ceiling Fixtures
Ceiling Down Light